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Arafat DJ, the Ivorian Tupac died at 33 years (2019)

By Blacknews
Monday was a day of tears in Ivory Coast. The country mourns its most beloved bad boy.

« So Many Tears » yesterday in Ivory Coast for his most beloved bad boy. Arafat DJ the  famous star of « Coupé décalé », the most popular urban music in the country and all Africa is gone.

This music was  Launched by such as Boro Sandji, Molare and mainly the late Douk Saga (died 13 years ago at 32), from a collective called the « jet set ».
Stéphane Hamidou Doukouré aka Douk Saga the creator, was intronised « The King of Coupé Décalé ». But nobody else than Arafat DJ gave it the most powerfull exposition in all Africa.

Clashes with his opponents on social networks, familiar of miscellaneous facts section, this troublemaker  doesn’t  leave people indifferent. Hated by his detractors but  worshipped by his fans so called « The China ». The Zeust, The Daishi, Yorobo all these  several nicknames show the love of all a country for this young, gifted and controversial singer, considered as the best  of his generation.

Born Ange Didier Huon on January 26, 1986, from a controversial  singer mother Tina Spencer aka Tina Glamour and Pierre « Wompi »Huon, Arafat DJ died due to a motorcycle accident Monday 12th August. His artist name was given by his libanese friends  in reference to the late leader of Palestin Yasser Arafat. His first hit «Jonathan », a tribute to his friend who died in the same circumstances releases in 2003 and propelled him into the spotlights. « Moto Moto » is his last tune.

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